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Digital Marketing Certificate of Completion: For Business People or Aspiring SM Managers

Course Code: 1101L

Dates: December 31, 2022

Meets: General Information

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This is not a free certificate, there are costs for each individual class you take.
Anyone using the Internet and social media to bring in clients, customers, and sales must understand the quickly changing landscape and strategies of digitial marketing in order to be effective. CFU has organized its classes into a course of study to prepare you to implement or direct your business' digital marketing campaigns. It is suggested that you start with Overview Classes, explore the various platforms and tools of digital marketing by taking some Core Courses, and then take the Final Strategy classes to complete. A minimum of thirteen (13) courses is required to earn a Digital Marketing Certificate of Completion.

NOTE: To earn the certificate, it is not necessary to enroll or pay for a special certificate program course. Simply start taking any of the qualifying classes listed below and contact the office when you think you've fulfilled the requirements or are getting close. We'll review your record and issue a certificate. Note that course offerings do change from time to time; we will honor the classes and curriculum published when you started the program. It is possible to complete a certificate in 3-6 months.

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Overview Classes (required and recommended to take first)

  • Digital Marketing Overview (#1935)
  • The Keys to Promoting Your Business Online (#1989)

Core Courses (take 8 or more):

  • Google Analytics 101 (#1990)
  • Search Engine Optimization Basics (#1988)
  • Twitter & Instagran for Business: Find & Engage Your Audience (#3732)
  • Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Business (#3350)
  • Branding for Small Business (#3208) (not a digital marketing class but recommended)
  • Marketing 101: The Key Elements of Your Marketing Strategy (#1987) (not a digital marketing class but recommended)
  • Google My Business: Bring Traffic to Your Site (#3740)
  • Customer Journey Strategy (#3134)
  • Successful Email Marketing: Get Your Emails Read! (#3210)
  • How to Make a Podcast for Fun & Profit (#3730)
  • How to Plan a Marketing Calendar That Works for Your Business (#3399)
  • Be the Blog: The Key to Writing for the Web (#3418)
  • Develop Your Digital Marketing Strategy: Putting It All Together (#3632)

Final Strategy Classes - Required:

  • Social Media ROI (#3630)

List of classes updated 4/2022


This listing is informational only. Please register for individual classes and call our registration office to redeem your certificate once you have completed the requirements.
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