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At-One-Ment: Reclaiming Our Humanity (Online)

Course Code: 8905I9

Dates: June 6-27, 2022

Meets: Four Mon., 7-9PM Begins 06/06 (MT)

Location: Via Zoom

Non-Member: $131.00

Save $12.00 with a CFU Membership

During this time of pandemic and stife, the chaos of the unknown and the perceived absence of control can seem incomprehensible, overwhelming, and even hopeless. However, if we can bring our focus to what we do know and what we can control, and if we nurture and strengthen ourselves, aligning with our individual mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness, then, and only then, can we be an effective contributor to our collective healing. To achieve this, it is imperative we shift our individual and collective thinking from asking, "Why is thi To achieve this, it is imperative we shift our individual and collective thinking from asking, "Why is this happening to us?," to "Why is this happening for us?" From here we are able to ask the question, "What is this trying to show us, about us, the seeing of which will change everything?" With practical application as its foundation, this course is designed to realign us with a healed version of our individual and, by proxy, collective humanity. Each of the four sessions will reference chapter combinations from Peter J Hughes' book At-One-Ment: Reclaiming Our Humanity. Through straight talk, talk story, and action points participants will be invited to take an active part in jumpstarting our individual contribution and course-correcting our collective potential to launch the next soulful expression in the evolution of our humanity.

NOTE: This course will be offered via Zoom in March, 2022 and in person in June, 2022. Register now for the class and then the day before class Peter will send you the link to attend the class. A good internet connection and a computer or device with a camera and mic are needed.


Link to purchase book: The ISBN number is 978-1-7372945-0-4.
Fee: $131.00

Save $12.00 with a CFU Membership

Via Zoom

Good internet connection and a laptop or device with camera and mic is needed. You should download Zoom in advance of class it is free to install, Look for an email from your instructor about the day prior to class. Be ready to log on and join the meeting 5-10 minutes prior to the class start time so you will be ready when class begins. If you have trouble using the link, just go to, click "Join a Meeting" and enter the meeting ID provided in the instructor's email.
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