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Colorado Free University in Lowry.

CFU is at 7653 E 1st Pl. Denver, CO 80230 (NE corner of Red Cross Way & 1st Pl). From 1st Ave and Quebec St, head east on 1st Ave to the stop sign at Roslyn St. Make a left on Roslyn and then a quick right on 1st Pl, heading east 2.5 blocks (past Red Cross Way) as the parking lot is on the east side of the building. Turn left into the parking lot, once in the lot we are on your left in the 2-story light tan brick building with red tiled roof. If you hit Spruce Street you've gone too far.

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1109AFCertificate in Nonprofit Leadership & Administration12/31/2212/31/22General Information0.00
1197JThe Play's the Thing: Read-Aloud for Non-Actors06/26/2206/26/22One Sun., 1:30-3:30PM 06/26 (MT)15.00
1197KThe Play's the Thing: Read-Aloud for Non-Actors07/24/2207/24/22One Sun., 1:30-3:30PM 07/24 (MT)15.00
1491AMIn-Depth Drawing Workshop: Take Your Art to the Next Level07/09/2208/13/22Six Sat., 9AM-12N Begins 07/09 (MT)156.00
1673ANative American Flute Summer Refresher06/11/2206/11/22One Sat., 9:30-11AM 06/11 (MT)27.00
1673BNative American Flute Summer Refresher07/23/2207/23/22One Sat., 9:30-11AM 07/23 (MT)27.00
1673CNative American Flute Summer Refresher07/25/2207/25/22One Mon., 7-8:30PM 07/25 (MT)27.00
1673DNative American Flute Summer Refresher08/08/2208/08/22One Mon., 7-8:30PM 08/08 (MT)27.00
1673ENative American Flute Summer Refresher08/27/2208/27/22One Sat., 9:30-11AM 08/27 (MT)27.00
1959ABThe Art of Geometry: Create Stunning Drawings with Circles, Triangles & Squares06/11/2206/11/22One Sat., 9AM-12N 06/11 (MT) circle51.00
1959ACThe Art of Geometry: Create Stunning Drawings with Circles, Triangles & Squares06/18/2206/18/22One Sat., 9AM-12N 06/18 (MT) triangle51.00
1959ADThe Art of Geometry: Create Stunning Drawings with Circles, Triangles & Squares06/25/2206/25/22One Sat., 9AM-12N 06/25 (MT) square51.00
1960JThe Inspiration of Geometry: Drawing a Rose Window07/09/2207/16/22Two Sat., 9AM-12:30PM Begins 07/09 (MT)81.00
1961AEDo You Have a Spirit Guide? Learning How to Connect with the Divine06/26/2206/26/22One Sun., 1-3:30PM 06/26 (MT)51.00
1963CHInside the Publishing Industry: Get Your Manuscript Through the Door06/11/2206/11/22One Sat., 1-3:30PM 06/11 (MT)56.00
2010TIntroduction to Creative Writing07/12/2208/02/22Four Tue., 6:30-8:30PM Begins 07/12 (MT)131.00
2012QTake Your Creative Writing to the Next Level06/07/2206/28/22Four Tue., 6:30-8:30PM Begins 06/07 (MT)131.00
2047AKActivate Your Muse: Writing from Your Subconscious Mind06/01/2206/01/22One Wed., 7-9PM 06/01 (MT)46.00
2093DFBe Your Own General Contractor and Save Thousands07/20/2207/20/22One Wed., 6:30-9PM 07/20 (MT)51.00
2555EP9Don't Weight Any Longer: Hypnosis for Weight Loss05/25/2205/25/22One Wed., 7-9PM 05/25 (MT)41.00
2556ALHypnosis for Stress Relief06/15/2206/15/22One Wed., 7-9PM 06/15 (MT)41.00
3208BMBranding Your Business: Building a Strategy to Develop a Distinct Brand Identity07/16/2207/16/22One Sat., 10AM-12N 07/16 (MT)51.00
3226BEDiscover Your Talents: Develop Your Strengths07/28/2207/28/22One Thu., 6-8:30PM 07/28 (MT)61.00
3237EQColorado Notary Training: RULONA06/07/2206/07/22One Tue., 2-4PM 06/07 (MT)57.00
3237ESColorado Notary Training: RULONA08/09/2208/09/22One Tue., 2-4PM 08/09 (MT)57.00
3335BKNotary Signing Agent Training: Make Money Notarizing Mortgages06/18/2206/18/22One Sat., 9AM-12N 06/18 (MT)181.00
3503EHGet Your Home Loan Approved!: Insider Tips on Mortgage Underwriting07/14/2207/14/22One Thu., 6:30-8PM 07/14 (MT)0.00
3507AQReverse Mortgage: Bring Your Own Lunch and Learn06/23/2206/23/22One Thu., 11:30AM-1:30PM 06/23 (MT)0.00
3539AAFundamentals of Financial Wellness07/14/2207/14/22One Thu., 6:30-9PM 07/14 (MT)46.00
3618DCCopyrights, Trademarks, & Trade Secrets: Protect Your Brand Before It's Too Late!06/06/2206/06/22One Mon., 7-9PM 06/06 (MT)51.00
4524CWEmpathy-Based Communication: Authentic Presence for Successful Relationships07/09/2207/09/22One Sat., 1-4PM 07/09 (MT)51.00
6200COTea for the Duchess of Bedfordshire06/05/2206/05/22One Sun., 1:30-5PM 06/05 (MT)51.00
6200CPTea for the Duchess of Bedfordshire07/24/2207/24/22One Sun., 1:30-5PM 07/24 (MT)51.00
6250EIKnife Skills: Tips, Tricks, & Techniques Used by Professional Chefs06/12/2206/12/22One Sun., 1:30-4:30PM 06/12 (MT)65.00
6250EJKnife Skills: Tips, Tricks, & Techniques Used by Professional Chefs07/17/2207/17/22One Sun., 1:30-4:30PM 07/17 (MT)65.00
6512AFWelcome Home!: An Intro to Holistic Interior Design06/15/2206/15/22One Wed., 1-3:30PM 06/15 (MT)61.00
6512AGWelcome Home!: An Intro to Holistic Interior Design07/24/2207/24/22One Sun., 1-3:30PM 07/24 (MT)61.00
6607ATSimplifying Medicare06/18/2206/18/22One Sat., 9-10:15AM 06/18 (MT)36.00
6607AUSimplifying Medicare07/16/2207/16/22One Sat., 9-10:15AM 07/16 (MT)36.00
6621CEHow Valuable is That Coin? An Introduction to Coin Collecting06/18/2206/18/22One Sat., 1-3:30PM 06/18 (MT)51.00
6625CUWills, Trusts, Power of Attorneys, Living Wills: Make Sense of It All07/26/2207/26/22One Tue., 6:30-8PM 07/26 (MT)41.00
6816BDAlternatives to Traditional Real Estate Investing07/28/2207/28/22One Thu., 6-9:15PM 07/28 (MT)48.00
6841GXIntroduction to Real Estate Investing07/09/2207/09/22One Sat., 8:30AM-12:30PM 07/09 (MT)66.00
6868HLBasics of Managing Your Rental Property: Keep Trouble & Vacancies Down, Prosperity & Investment07/26/2207/26/22One Tue., 6-9:15PM 07/26 (MT)46.00
9993AACFU Gift Certificate: Invest in You and in Our Future12/31/2212/31/22Gift Certificate $25, $50, $75, $100 options25.00
L7013AJSpanish Summer Intensive 1-207/11/2207/22/22Two Weeks: Mon.-Fri., 9AM-12:15PM Begins 7/11334.00
L8128JLSpanish 606/28/2208/02/22Five Tue., 7:35-9PM Begins 06/28; Skips 7/5139.00
L8131GEWSpanish 105/26/2206/23/22Five Thu., 11:05AM-12:30PM Begins 05/26 (MT)139.00
L8131HEBSpanish 1 Full06/28/2208/02/22Five Tue., 6-7:25PM Begins 06/28; Skips 7/5139.00
L8132DVFSpanish 206/30/2207/28/22Five Thu., 11:05AM-12:30PM Begins 06/30 (MT)139.00

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