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1109AFCertificate in Nonprofit Leadership & Administration12/31/2212/31/22General Information0.00
1197PThe Play's the Thing: Read-Aloud for Non-Actors01/22/2301/22/23One Sun., 1:30-4PM 01/22 (MT)15.00
1300BJapanese Flower Arranging: Discover the Ancient Art of Ikebana01/15/2301/15/23One Sun., 1-4PM 01/15 (MT)56.00
1320BWatercolor Workshop01/14/2301/14/23One Sat., 1-4PM 01/14 (MT)56.00
1456BKNo Fear Acrylics Full12/10/2212/10/22One Sat., 1-5PM 12/10 (MT)56.00
1492BOBasic Drawing: Drawing as Seeing01/14/2302/04/23Four Sat., 1-3:30PM Begins 01/14 (MT)110.00
1559JFCrafting Furniture: Woodworking Basics12/10/2212/11/22One Sat. & One Sun., 9AM-1PM, 12/10 & 12/11 bookcase114.00
1559JG9Crafting Furniture: Woodworking Basics01/21/2301/22/23One Sat. & One Sun., 9AM-1PM, 1/21 & 1/22 table114.00
1559JHCrafting Furniture: Woodworking Basics02/25/2302/26/23One Sat. & One Sun., 9AM-1PM, 2/25 & 2/26 bookcase114.00
1562BBBeginning Colored Pencil Techniques12/17/2212/17/22One Sat., 10AM-4PM 12/17 (MT)66.00
1670PBeginning Native American Flute01/22/2302/19/23Four Sun., 10-11:30AM Begins 01/22; Skips 2/12 (MT)61.00
1961AHDo You Have a Spirit Guide? Learning How to Connect with the Divine12/11/2212/11/22One Sun., 1-3:30PM 12/11 (MT)51.00
1962AD9Anxiety 101: How Your Brain Makes You Anxious & What You Can Do to Change It02/01/2302/01/23One Wed., 6-8PM 02/01 (MT)48.00
2047ANActivate Your Muse: Writing from Your Subconscious Mind12/14/2212/14/22One Wed., 7-9PM 12/14 (MT)46.00
2047AOActivate Your Muse: Writing from Your Subconscious Mind01/25/2301/25/23One Wed., 7-9PM 01/25 (MT)46.00
2048EELetters to the Future: The Simple Guide for Writing Your Memoir01/14/2301/14/23One Sat., 9AM-12:30PM 01/14 (MT)71.00
2048EFLetters to the Future: The Simple Guide for Writing Your Memoir03/04/2303/04/23One Sat., 9AM-12:30PM 03/04 (MT)71.00
2062ACJump Start Your Creative Engine: Start Writing Now01/14/2301/14/23One Sat., 1:30-5PM 01/14 (MT)71.00
2062ADJump Start Your Creative Engine: Start Writing Now03/04/2303/04/23One Sat., 1:30-5PM 03/04 (MT)71.00
2093DIBe Your Own General Contractor and Save Thousands01/18/2301/18/23One Wed., 6:30-9PM 01/18 (MT)51.00
2550BExploring Hypnosis: Relax, Refresh, Reset and HAVE FUN!12/17/2212/17/22One Sat., 9:30-11AM 12/17 (MT)41.00
2550CExploring Hypnosis: Relax, Refresh, Reset and HAVE FUN!01/07/2301/07/23One Sat., 9:30-11AM 01/07 (MT)41.00
2550DExploring Hypnosis: Relax, Refresh, Reset and HAVE FUN!02/04/2302/04/23One Sat., 9:30-11AM 02/04 (MT)41.00
2556AQHypnosis for Stress Relief02/22/2302/22/23One Wed., 7-9PM 02/22 (MT)41.00
3162BUAssertiveness for Work & Personal Relationships02/08/2302/08/23One Wed., 6:30-8PM 02/08 (MT)51.00
3350DEUse LinkedIn to Grow Your Business01/12/2301/12/23One Thu., 1-4PM 01/12 (MT)61.00
3400GCPersonal Computer Basics with Windows 10: Getting Started01/07/2301/07/23One Sat., 9AM-12N 01/07 (MT)74.00
3400GDPersonal Computer Basics with Windows 10: Getting Started01/25/2301/25/23One Wed., 9AM-12N 01/25 (MT)74.00
3406DPIntroduction to Google Mail12/17/2212/17/22One Sat., 9AM-12N 12/17 (MT)74.00
3406DQIntroduction to Google Mail01/25/2301/25/23One Wed., 1-4PM 01/25 (MT)74.00
3408CMUsing Google G Suite01/17/2301/17/23One Tue., 9AM-4PM 01/17 (MT)144.00
3410EFUsing Microsoft Windows 1001/10/2301/10/23One Tue., 9AM-4PM 01/10 (MT)139.00
3442DYMicrosoft Word 2019 - Level 112/12/2212/12/22One Mon., 9AM-4PM 12/12 (MT) (2019)179.00
3442EAMicrosoft Word 2019 - Level 101/12/2301/12/23One Thu., 9AM-4PM 01/12 (MT) (2019)179.00
3442EBMicrosoft Word 2019 - Level 101/28/2301/28/23One Sat., 9AM-4PM 01/28 (MT)179.00
3443QC9Microsoft Word 2016 - Level 212/09/2212/09/22One Fri., 9AM-4PM 12/09 (MT) (2016)179.00
3443QDMicrosoft Word 2019 - Level 201/19/2301/19/23One Thu., 9AM-4PM 01/19 (MT) (2019)179.00
3445YExploring Adobe InDesign12/10/2212/10/22One Sat., 9AM-4PM 12/10 (MT)164.00
3449KBAdobe Photoshop CC: 2-Day Comprehensive12/13/2212/14/22One Tue. & One Wed., 9AM-4PM Begins 12/13 (MT)459.00
3449KCAdobe Photoshop CC: 2-Day Comprehensive01/30/2301/31/23One Mon. & One Tue., 9AM-4PM Begins 01/30 (MT)459.00
3450HSAdobe Illustrator CC: 2-Day Comprehensive01/10/2301/11/23One Tue. & One Wed., 9AM-4PM Begins 01/10 (MT)459.00
3451GBAdobe InDesign CC: 2-Day Comprehensive01/24/2301/25/23One Tue. & One Wed., 9AM-4PM Begins 01/24 (MT)459.00
3453KAdobe InDesign CC: Boot Camp01/09/2301/09/23One Mon., 9AM-4PM 01/09 (MT)369.00
3480NYMicrosoft Excel 2019 - Level 112/08/2212/08/22One Thu., 9AM-4PM 12/08 (MT) (2019)179.00
3480OAMicrosoft Excel 2016 - Level 101/11/2301/11/23One Wed., 9AM-4PM 01/11 (MT) (2016)179.00
3480OCMicrosoft Excel 2019 - Level 101/06/2301/06/23One Fri., 9AM-4PM 01/06 (MT) (2019)179.00
3481YBMicrosoft Excel 2019 - Level 212/15/2212/15/22One Thu., 9AM-4PM 12/15 (MT) (2019)179.00
3481YCMicrosoft Excel 2016 - Level 201/30/2301/30/23One Mon., 9AM-4PM 01/30 (MT) (2016)179.00
3481YDMicrosoft Excel 2019 - Level 201/27/2301/27/23One Fri., 9AM-4PM 01/27 (MT) (2019)179.00
3495QLMicrosoft PowerPoint 2019: Introduction01/20/2301/20/23One Fri., 9AM-4PM 01/20 (MT) (2019)179.00
3533IIt's Your Money: The Basics of Money Management for Building Prosperity02/07/2302/07/23One Tue., 7-9PM 02/07 (MT)46.00
6200CTTea for the Duchess of Bedfordshire12/18/2212/18/22One Sun., 1:30-5PM 12/18 (MT)51.00
6200CUTea for the Duchess of Bedfordshire01/15/2301/15/23One Sun., 1:30-5PM 01/15 (MT)51.00
6250EMKnife Skills: Tips, Tricks, & Techniques Used by Professional Chefs12/11/2212/11/22One Sun., 1:30-4:30PM 12/11 (MT)65.00
6250ENKnife Skills: Tips, Tricks, & Techniques Used by Professional Chefs01/22/2301/22/23One Sun., 1:30-4:30PM 01/22 (MT)65.00
6603EYGetting Ready for Social Security?: Take This Class First!01/04/2301/04/23One Wed., 6:30-8:30PM 01/04 (MT)41.00
6605DCPrepare for Medicare!01/05/2301/05/23One Thu., 6:30-8:30PM 01/05 (MT)41.00
6621CHHow Valuable is That Coin? An Introduction to Coin Collecting12/17/2212/17/22One Sat., 1-3:30PM 12/17 (MT)51.00
6621CIHow Valuable is That Coin? An Introduction to Coin Collecting02/18/2302/18/23One Sat., 1-3:30PM 02/18 (MT)51.00
6625CWWills, Trusts, Power of Attorneys, Living Wills: Make Sense of It All01/24/2301/24/23One Tue., 6:30-8PM 01/24 (MT)41.00
6816BFAlternatives to Traditional Real Estate Investing01/23/2301/23/23One Mon., 6-9:15PM 01/23 (MT)48.00
6868HNBasics of Managing Your Rental Property: Keep Trouble & Vacancies Down, Prosperity & Investment01/18/2301/18/23One Wed., 6-9:15PM 01/18 (MT)46.00
8627X9Immigration 101: The Basics of Immigration Law and Practice12/14/2212/14/22One Wed., 6:30-9PM 12/14 (MT)56.00
8630CTools for Environmental Advocacy: Basic Environmental Law for Non-lawyers02/18/2302/18/23One Sat., 9AM-12N 02/18 (MT)56.00
9993AACFU Holiday Gift Certificate: Special Deal12/31/2212/31/22Gift Certificate $25, $50, $75, $100 options25.00
9993AA2CFU Gift Certificate: Extra Special Deal!12/16/2212/16/22Gift Certificate $25, $50, $75, $100 options25.00
L8122ABXSpanish 401/12/2302/09/23Five Thu., 9:30-10:55AM Begins 01/12 (MT)139.00
L8126LWSpanish 501/12/2302/09/23Five Thu., 11:05AM-12:30PM Begins 01/12 (MT)139.00
L8126LXSpanish 502/21/2303/21/23Five Tue., 6-7:25PM Begins 02/21 (MT)139.00
L8128JYSpanish 602/16/2303/16/23Five Thu., 11:05AM-12:30PM Begins 02/16 (MT)139.00
L8141SWSpanish Conversation 202/16/2303/16/23Five Thu., 9:30-10:55AM Begins 02/16 (MT)139.00
L8141SXSpanish Conversation 202/21/2303/21/23Five Tue., 7:35-9PM Begins 02/21 (MT)139.00

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