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Colorado Free University in Lowry.

CFU is at 7653 E 1st Pl. Denver, CO 80230 (NE corner of Red Cross Way & 1st Pl). From 1st Ave and Quebec St, head east on 1st Ave to the stop sign at Roslyn St. Make a left on Roslyn and then a quick right on 1st Pl, heading east 2.5 blocks (past Red Cross Way) as the parking lot is on the east side of the building. Turn left into the parking lot, once in the lot we are on your left in the 2-story light tan brick building with red tiled roof. If you hit Spruce Street you've gone too far.

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1109AGCertificate in Nonprofit Leadership & Administration12/31/2312/31/23General Information0.00
1315CWatercolor Landscape01/27/2401/27/24One Sat., 1-4PM 01/27 (MT)56.00
1316CWatercolor Floral02/03/2402/03/24One Sat., 1-4PM 02/03 (MT)56.00
1317BWatercolor Portraits01/20/2401/20/24One Sat., 1-4PM 01/20 (MT)56.00
1456BONo Fear Acrylics12/16/2312/16/23One Sat., 1-5PM 12/16 (MT)56.00
1491ARIn-Depth Drawing Workshop: Take Your Art to the Next Level03/02/2404/06/24Six Sat., 9AM-12N Begins 03/02 (MT)156.00
1492BRBasic Drawing: Drawing as Seeing01/20/2402/10/24Four Sat., 1-3:30PM Begins 01/20 (MT)110.00
1562BF9Beginning Colored Pencil Techniques02/17/2402/17/24One Sat., 10AM-4PM 02/17 (MT)66.00
1570FThe Art of Macramé: An Introduction to Knot-Tying12/17/2312/17/23One Sun., 1-4PM 12/17 (MT)51.00
1570GThe Art of Macramé: An Introduction to Knot-Tying01/21/2401/21/24One Sun., 1-4PM 01/21 (MT)51.00
1667Z23Beginning Piano Class12/31/2312/31/23Independent Study, (4) 30 minute lessons84.00
1670SBeginning Native American Flute01/20/2402/10/24Four Sat., 10-11:30AM Begins 01/20 (MT)61.00
2048EHLetters to the Future: The Simple Guide for Writing Your Memoir12/02/2312/02/23One Sat., 9AM-12:30PM 12/02 (MT)61.00
2048EILetters to the Future: The Simple Guide for Writing Your Memoir02/03/2402/03/24One Sat., 9AM-12:30PM 02/03 (MT)61.00
2062AFJump Start Your Creative Engine: Start Writing Now12/02/2312/02/23One Sat., 1:30-5PM 12/02 (MT)61.00
2062AGJump Start Your Creative Engine: Start Writing Now02/03/2402/03/24One Sat., 1:30-5PM 02/03 (MT)61.00
2093DOBe Your Own General Contractor and Save Thousands01/17/2401/17/24One Wed., 6:30-9PM 01/17 (MT)51.00
2384CThe Power of Breath: Reduce Stress & Revitalize!12/10/2312/10/23One Sun., 10AM-12N 12/10 (MT)46.00
2384EThe Power of Breath: Reduce Stress & Revitalize!02/11/2402/11/24One Sun., 10AM-12N 02/11 (MT)46.00
2535IFinancial Basics 101: Budgeting, Savings, & Understanding Credit02/03/2402/10/24Two Sat., 1-3:30PM Begins 02/03 (MT)61.00
3162CCAssertiveness for Work & Personal Relationships02/21/2402/21/24One Wed., 6:30-8PM 02/21 (MT)51.00
3176EImprov 101: Find Your Fun!01/14/2402/25/24Six Sun., 6-8PM Begins 01/14; Skips 2/18132.00
3612CBTaxes for the Small Business Owner02/13/2402/13/24One Tue., 6-9PM 02/13 (MT)51.00
4132BNFront Row, Center: Discover the Joys of Live Theatre!01/22/2401/22/24One Mon., 6:30-8:30PM 01/22 (MT)20.00
4524DKEmpathy-Based Communication: Authentic Presence for Successful Relationships01/08/2401/08/24One Mon., 6:30-9:30PM 01/08 (MT)51.00
6200DDTea for the Duchess of Bedfordshire12/10/2312/10/23One Sun., 1:30-5PM 12/10 (MT)51.00
6200DETea for the Duchess of Bedfordshire01/28/2401/28/24One Sun., 1:30-5PM 01/28 (MT)51.00
6252AThink Like a Chef!: Take Command of Your Kitchen02/18/2402/18/24One Sun., 9AM-3:30PM 02/18 (MT)113.00
6398BExploring Vegan Cooking: Hands-On Cooking Class12/16/2312/16/23One Sat., 1-4PM 12/16 vegetable korma66.00
6398CExploring Vegan Cooking: Hands-On Cooking Class01/13/2401/13/24One Sat., 1-4PM 01/13 pasta Bolognese66.00
6398DExploring Vegan Cooking: Hands-On Cooking Class02/10/2402/10/24One Sat., 1-4PM 02/10 curried cauliflower kale soup66.00
6516JBasics of Interior Design: Transforming Lackluster Rooms to Lovely Spaces01/20/2401/20/24One Sat., 10AM-12N 01/20 (MT)51.00
6516KBasics of Interior Design: Transforming Lackluster Rooms to Lovely Spaces02/17/2402/17/24One Sat., 10AM-12N 02/17 (MT)51.00
6603FKGetting Ready for Social Security?: Take This Class First!01/04/2401/04/24One Thu., 6:30-8:30PM 01/04 (MT)41.00
6605DNPrepare for Medicare!01/11/2401/11/24One Thu., 6:30-8:30PM 01/11 (MT)41.00
6624EHome Seller Masterclass: Maximize Your Value, Minimize Your Stress02/08/2402/08/24One Thu., 6:30-8PM 02/08 (MT)0.00
6625DCWills, Trusts, Power of Attorneys, Living Wills: Make Sense of It All02/27/2402/27/24One Tue., 6-7:30PM 02/27 (MT)41.00
6816BLAlternatives to Traditional Real Estate Investing01/11/2401/11/24One Thu., 6-9PM 01/11 (MT)48.00
6816BMAlternatives to Traditional Real Estate Investing02/08/2402/08/24One Thu., 6-9PM 02/08 (MT)48.00
6824BManifesting your Dream Home: A Vision-Board Workshop for Aspiring Homebuyers01/16/2401/16/24One Tue., 6:30-8:30PM 01/16 (MT)27.00
6841HFIntroduction to Real Estate Investing01/20/2401/20/24One Sat., 9AM-12:30PM 01/20 (MT)61.00
6868HSBasics of Managing Rental Property: Keep Trouble & Vacancies Down, Prosperity & Investment Up01/09/2401/09/24One Tue., 6-9PM 01/09 (MT)46.00
6868HTBasics of Managing Rental Property: Keep Trouble & Vacancies Down, Prosperity & Investment Up02/06/2402/06/24One Tue., 6-9PM 02/06 (MT)46.00
8994EMaterials fee for Lynn O'Connell's classes12/31/2312/31/23Optional Materials0.00
8999WSingle Spanish Material Purchase12/31/2312/31/23Spanish Materials0.00
9993ABCFU Gift Certificate12/31/2312/31/23Gift Certificate $25, $50, $75, $100 options25.00
L8110CReady, Set, Spanish! An Intro to Spanish Basics01/22/2402/26/24Five Mon., 6:30-8PM Begins 01/22; Skips 2/19139.00
L8121IEDSpanish 301/03/2401/31/24Five Wed., 7:35-9PM Begins 01/03 (MT)139.00
L8121IEFSpanish 301/23/2402/20/24Five Tue., 7:35-9PM Begins 01/23 (MT)139.00
L8122BBYSpanish 412/05/2301/16/24Five Tue., 6-7:25PM Begins 12/05; Skips 12/26 & 1/2139.00
L8122BCESpanish 402/07/2403/06/24Five Wed., 7:35-9PM Begins 02/07 (MT)139.00
L8128KPSpanish 612/07/2301/11/24Five Thu., 11:05AM-12:30PM Begins 12/07; Skips 12/28139.00
L8131IEYSpanish 101/18/2402/15/24Five Thu., 9:30-10:55AM Begins 01/18 (MT)139.00
L8131JEASpanish 101/23/2402/20/24Five Tue., 6-7:25PM Begins 01/23 (MT)139.00
L8132EWESpanish 212/07/2301/11/24Five Thu., 9:30-10:55AM Begins 12/07; Skips 12/28139.00
L8134LFSpanish 702/07/2403/06/24Five Wed., 6-7:25PM Begins 02/07 (MT)139.00
L8140GOHSpanish Conversation 112/05/2301/16/24Five Tue., 7:35-9PM Begins 12/05; Skips 12/26 & 1/2139.00
L8140GOJSpanish Conversation 101/18/2402/15/24Five Thu., 9:30-10:55AM Begins 01/18 (MT)139.00
L8142HRSpanish Conversation 301/03/2401/31/24Five Wed., 6-7:25PM Begins 01/03 (MT)139.00

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