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Online Spanish Course

Class will be taught via Zoom. Good internet connection and a laptop or device with camera and mic is needed. You should download Zoom in advance of class it is free to install, Be ready to log on and join the meeting 5-10 minutes prior to the class start time so you will be ready when class begins.

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L8121HEDSpanish 3 (Online)04/19/2305/17/23Five Wed., 9:30-10:55AM Begins 04/19 (MT)139.00
L8121HEESpanish 3 (Online)04/25/2305/23/23Five Tue., 11:05AM-12:30PM Begins 04/25 (MT)139.00
L8121HEFSpanish 3 (Online)05/02/2305/30/23Five Tue., 7:35-9PM Begins 05/02 (MT)139.00
L8122BBCSpanish 4 (Online)03/27/2304/24/23Five Mon., 1-2:25PM Begins 03/27 (MT)139.00
L8122BBDSpanish 4 (Online)03/27/2304/24/23Five Mon., 6-7:25PM Begins 03/27 (MT)139.00
L8125OFSpanish Accelerated 1: Reviews Spanish 1 & 2 (Online)03/27/2304/24/23Five Mon., 11:05AM-12:30PM Begins 03/27 (MT)139.00
L8126MB9Spanish 5 (Online)03/27/2304/24/23Five Mon., 9:30-10:55AM Begins 03/27 (MT)139.00
L8126MDSpanish 5 (Online)04/25/2305/23/23Five Tue., 6-7:25PM Begins 04/25 (MT)139.00
L8126MESpanish 5 (Online)05/01/2306/05/23Five Mon., 6-7:25PM Begins 05/01; Skips 5/29 (MT)139.00
L8128KCSpanish 6 (Online)04/19/2305/17/23Five Wed., 6-7:25PM Begins 04/19 (MT)139.00
L8128KESpanish 6 (Online)05/01/2306/05/23Five Mon., 9:30-10:55AM Begins 05/01; Skips 5/29 (MT)139.00
L8131HEYSpanish 1 (Online) Full03/23/2304/20/23Five Thu., 7:35-9PM Begins 03/23 (MT)139.00
L8131IECSpanish 1 (Online) Full04/19/2305/17/23Five Wed., 7:35-9PM Begins 04/19 (MT)139.00
L8131IEDSpanish 1 (Online) Full05/02/2305/30/23Five Tue., 6-7:25PM Begins 05/02 (MT)139.00
L8132EVESpanish 2 (Online)03/27/2304/24/23Five Mon., 7:35-9PM Begins 03/27 (MT)139.00
L8132EVFSpanish 2 (Online)03/28/2304/25/23Five Tue., 6-7:25PM Begins 03/28 (MT)139.00
L8132EVGSpanish 2 (Online)04/19/2305/17/23Five Wed., 11:05AM-12:30PM Begins 04/19 (MT)139.00
L8132EVISpanish 2 (Online)04/27/2305/25/23Five Thu., 7:35-9PM Begins 04/27 (MT)139.00
L8132EVKSpanish 2 (Online)05/10/2306/07/23Five Wed., 6-7:25PM Begins 05/10 (MT)139.00
L8134KWSpanish 7 (Online)04/19/2305/17/23Five Wed., 1-2:25PM Begins 04/19 (MT)139.00
L8134KYSpanish 7 (Online)04/27/2305/25/23Five Thu., 6-7:25PM Begins 04/27 (MT)139.00
L8140GNMSpanish Conversation 1 (Online)03/28/2304/25/23Five Tue., 7:35-9PM Begins 03/28 (MT)139.00
L8140GNNSpanish Conversation 1 (Online)04/25/2305/23/23Five Tue., 9:30-10:55AM Begins 04/25 (MT)139.00
L8140GNOSpanish Conversation 1 (Online)05/01/2306/05/23Five Mon., 11:05AM-12:30PM Begins 05/01; Skips 5/29 (MT)139.00
L8140GNPSpanish Conversation 1 (Online)05/01/2306/05/23Five Mon., 7:35-9PM Begins 05/01; Skips 5/29 (MT)139.00
L8141TBSpanish Conversation 2 (Online)04/25/2305/23/23Five Tue., 7:35-9PM Begins 04/25 (MT)139.00
L8141TCSpanish Conversation 2 (Online)05/01/2306/05/23Five Mon., 1-2:25PM Begins 05/01; Skips 5/29 (MT)139.00

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