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1197RThe Play's the Thing: Read-Aloud for Non-Actors03/26/2303/26/23One Sun., 1:30-4PM 03/26 (MT)15.00
1456BLNo Fear Acrylics04/15/2304/15/23One Sat., 1-5PM 04/15 (MT)56.00
1492BPBasic Drawing: Drawing as Seeing04/22/2305/13/23Four Sat., 1-3:30PM Begins 04/22 (MT)110.00
1559JJCrafting Furniture: Woodworking Basics04/08/2304/09/23One Sat. & One Sun., 9AM-1PM, 4/8 & 4/9 bookcase114.00
1559JKCrafting Furniture: Woodworking Basics05/06/2305/07/23One Sat. & One Sun., 9AM-1PM, 5/6 & 5/7 table114.00
1562BDBeginning Colored Pencil Techniques05/20/2305/20/23One Sat., 10AM-4PM 05/20 (MT)66.00
1565BA Floral Drawing Workshop: More Colored Pencil Techniques03/25/2303/25/23One Sat., 1-4PM 03/25 (MT)56.00
1565CA Floral Drawing Workshop: More Colored Pencil Techniques04/30/2304/30/23One Sun., 1-4PM 04/30 (MT)56.00
1667Z23Beginning Piano Class12/31/2312/31/23Independent Study, (4) 30 minute lessons84.00
1670QBeginning Native American Flute04/16/2305/07/23Four Sun., 10-11:30AM Begins 04/16 (MT)61.00
1959AHThe Art of Geometry: Create Stunning Drawings with Circles, Triangles & Squares04/15/2304/15/23One Sat., 9:30AM-12:30PM 04/15 (MT)51.00
1959AIThe Art of Geometry: Create Stunning Drawings with Circles, Triangles & Squares05/20/2305/20/23One Sat., 9:30AM-12:30PM 05/20 (MT)51.00
1961AJDo You Have a Spirit Guide? Learning How to Connect with the Divine04/23/2304/23/23One Sun., 1-3:30PM 04/23 (MT)51.00
1962AEAnxiety 101: How Your Brain Makes You Anxious & What You Can Do to Change It04/12/2304/12/23One Wed., 6-8PM 04/12 (MT)48.00
2047AQActivate Your Muse: Writing from Your Subconscious Mind04/19/2304/19/23One Wed., 7-9PM 04/19 (MT)46.00
2093DKBe Your Own General Contractor and Save Thousands05/17/2305/17/23One Wed., 6:30-9PM 05/17 (MT)51.00
2534EMCouples Massage (online & in-person)03/29/2304/01/23One Wed., 6:30-8:30PM on 3/29 via Zoom & One Sat., 2-4:30PM on 4/1 in-person101.00
2534ENCouples Massage (online & in-person)04/20/2304/23/23One Thu., 6:30-8:30PM on 4/20 via Zoom & One Sun., 2-4:30PM on 4/23 in-person101.00
2535CFinancial Basics 101: Budgeting, Savings, & Understanding Credit04/22/2304/29/23Two Sat., 1-3:30PM Begins 04/22 (MT)61.00
2535DFinancial Basics 101: Budgeting, Savings, & Understanding Credit05/10/2305/17/23Two Wed., 6:30-9PM Begins 05/10 (MT)61.00
2555EV9Don't Weight Any Longer: Hypnosis for Weight Loss03/29/2303/29/23One Wed., 7-9PM 03/29 (MT)41.00
2556ASHypnosis for Stress Relief05/17/2305/17/23One Wed., 7-9PM 05/17 (MT)41.00
3176BImprov 101: Find Your Fun!04/16/2305/21/23Six Sun., 6-8PM Begins 04/16 (MT)132.00
3237FBColorado Notary Training: RULONA04/04/2304/04/23One Tue., 2-4PM 04/04 (MT)57.00
3237FCColorado Notary Training: RULONA05/09/2305/09/23One Tue., 2-4PM 05/09 (MT)57.00
3400GHPersonal Computer Basics with Windows 10: Getting Started04/01/2304/01/23One Sat., 9AM-12N 04/01 (MT)74.00
3406DSIntroduction to Google Mail04/20/2304/20/23One Thu., 9AM-12N 04/20 (MT)74.00
3408COUsing Google G Suite04/17/2304/17/23One Mon., 9AM-4PM 04/17 (MT)144.00
3410EHUsing Microsoft Windows 1003/30/2303/30/23One Thu., 9AM-4PM 03/30 (MT)139.00
3410EIUsing Microsoft Windows 1004/29/2304/29/23One Sat., 9AM-4PM 04/29 (MT)139.00
3440WExploring Adobe Illustrator04/08/2304/08/23One Sat., 9AM-4PM 04/08 (MT)164.00
3441WExploring Adobe Photoshop Full04/01/2304/01/23One Sat., 9AM-4PM 04/01 (MT)164.00
3442EGMicrosoft Word 2019 - Level 103/25/2303/25/23One Sat., 9AM-4PM 03/25 (MT) (2019)179.00
3442EHMicrosoft Word 2019 - Level 104/06/2304/06/23One Thu., 9AM-4PM 04/06 (MT) (2019)179.00
3442EIMicrosoft Word 2016 - Level 104/24/2304/24/23One Mon., 9AM-4PM 04/24 (MT) (2016)179.00
3443QFMicrosoft Word 2019 - Level 204/28/2304/28/23One Fri., 9AM-4PM 04/28 (MT) (2019)179.00
3445ABExploring Adobe InDesign04/22/2304/22/23One Sat., 9AM-4PM 04/22 (MT)164.00
3448EDAdobe Photoshop CC: Boot Camp04/10/2304/10/23One Mon., 9AM-4PM 04/10 (MT)369.00
3449KEAdobe Photoshop CC: 2-Day Comprehensive04/24/2304/25/23One Mon. & One Tue., 9AM-4PM Begins 04/24 (MT)459.00
3450HUAdobe Illustrator CC: 2-Day Comprehensive04/18/2304/19/23One Tue. & One Wed., 9AM-4PM Begins 04/18 (MT)459.00
3451GDAdobe InDesign CC: 2-Day Comprehensive04/11/2304/12/23One Tue. & One Wed., 9AM-4PM Begins 04/11 (MT)459.00
3480OLMicrosoft Excel 2019 - Level 104/04/2304/04/23One Tue., 9AM-4PM 04/04 (MT) (2019)179.00
3480ONMicrosoft Excel 2016 - Level 104/26/2304/26/23One Wed., 9AM-4PM 04/26 (MT) (2016)179.00
3481YGMicrosoft Excel 2019 - Level 204/21/2304/21/23One Fri., 9AM-4PM 04/21 (MT) (2019)179.00
3481YHMicrosoft Excel 2016 - Level 204/27/2304/27/23One Thu., 9AM-4PM 04/27 (MT)179.00
3495QOMicrosoft PowerPoint 2019: Introduction04/14/2304/14/23One Fri., 9AM-4PM 04/14 (MT) (2019)179.00
3507AYReverse Mortgage: Put the Equity in Your Home to Work04/25/2304/25/23One Tue., 11:30AM-1:30PM 04/25 (MT)0.00
3533KIt's Your Money: The Basics of Money Management for Building Prosperity04/18/2304/18/23One Tue., 7-9PM 04/18 (MT)46.00
3612BTTaxes for the Small Business Owner05/16/2305/16/23One Tue., 6-9PM 05/16 (MT)51.00
4415BUFOs: What Do We Know?05/13/2305/13/23One Sat., 1-3PM 05/13 (MT)51.00
4524DEEmpathy-Based Communication: Authentic Presence for Successful Relationships04/16/2304/16/23One Sun., 1-4PM 04/16 (MT)51.00
6200CWTea for the Duchess of Bedfordshire04/02/2304/02/23One Sun., 1:30-5PM 04/02 (MT)51.00
6200CXTea for the Duchess of Bedfordshire05/14/2305/14/23One Sun., 1:30-5PM 05/14 (MT)51.00
6250EOKnife Skills: Tips, Tricks, & Techniques Used by Professional Chefs Full03/26/2303/26/23One Sun., 1:30-4:30PM 03/26 (MT)65.00
6516CBasics of Interior Design: Transforming Lackluster Rooms to Lovely Spaces04/15/2304/15/23One Sat., 10AM-12N 04/15 (MT)51.00
6603FDGetting Ready for Social Security?: Take This Class First!05/02/2305/02/23One Tue., 6:30-8:30PM 05/02 (MT)41.00
6605DGPrepare for Medicare!05/04/2305/04/23One Thu., 6:30-8:30PM 05/04 (MT)41.00
6621CJHow Valuable is That Coin? An Introduction to Coin Collecting04/15/2304/15/23One Sat., 1-3:30PM 04/15 (MT)51.00
6625CXWills, Trusts, Power of Attorneys, Living Wills: Make Sense of It All04/04/2304/04/23One Tue., 6:30-8PM 04/04 (MT)41.00
6816BHAlternatives to Traditional Real Estate Investing05/24/2305/24/23One Wed., 6-9:15PM 05/24 (MT)48.00
6822DBMyth: You Don't Need 20% Down to Buy Your Own Home04/19/2304/19/23One Wed., 6:30-8:30PM 04/19 (MT)0.00
6868HPBasics of Managing Your Rental Property: Keep Trouble & Vacancies Down, Prosperity & Investment05/22/2305/22/23One Mon., 6-9:15PM 05/22 (MT)46.00
7415FTent Camping 101: Camping for Beginners04/13/2304/13/23One Thu., 6-8:30PM 04/13 (MT)51.00
7415GTent Camping 101: Camping for Beginners05/06/2305/06/23One Sat., 9-11:30AM 05/06 (MT)51.00
8880FBecoming a Better Advocate: Taking on the Difficult Conversations04/07/2304/07/23One Fri., 1-4:30PM 04/07 (MT)66.00
9993ABCFU Gift Certificate12/31/2312/31/23Gift Certificate $25, $50, $75, $100 options25.00
L8121HEHSpanish 305/10/2306/07/23Five Wed., 7:35-9PM Begins 05/10 (MT)139.00
L8125OGSpanish Accelerated 1: Reviews Spanish 1 & 204/05/2305/03/23Five Wed., 7:35-9PM Begins 04/05 (MT)139.00
L8126MCSpanish 503/28/2304/25/23Five Tue., 7:35-9PM Begins 03/28 (MT)139.00
L8128KBSpanish 603/28/2304/25/23Five Tue., 6-7:25PM Begins 03/28 (MT)139.00
L8128KDSpanish 604/27/2305/25/23Five Thu., 9:30-10:55AM Begins 04/27 (MT)139.00
L8128KF9Spanish 605/09/2306/06/23Five Tue., 7:35-9PM Begins 05/09 (MT)139.00
L8131IEBSpanish 1 Full04/05/2305/03/23Five Wed., 6-7:25PM Begins 04/05 (MT)139.00
L8132EVHSpanish 204/20/2305/18/23Five Thu., 6-7:25PM Begins 04/20 (MT)139.00
L8134KXSpanish 704/27/2305/25/23Five Thu., 11:05AM-12:30PM Begins 04/27 (MT)139.00
L8142HJ9Spanish Conversation 305/09/2306/06/23Five Tue., 6-7:25PM Begins 05/09 (MT)139.00

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