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2807JLife Coach Certification Training12/31/2312/31/23Information about Life Coach Certification Training0.00
3271BTBecome a Grant Writer (Online)06/24/2306/24/23One Sat., 9AM-4PM 06/24 (MT)113.00
3272BRHow to Create a Business Plan That Works (Online)08/18/2308/18/23One Fri., 3-5:30PM 08/18 (MT)56.00
3309PDon’t Throw it Away: Sell it Online! (Online)07/17/2307/17/23One Mon., 6-9PM 07/17 (MT)71.00
3356BXBasic Mediation Training: Become a Mediator (Online)08/21/2308/25/23Mon.-Fri., 8AM-5PM Begins 8/21 (MT)1295.00
6868HQBasics of Managing Rental Property: Keep Trouble & Vacancies Down, Prosperity & Investment Up07/17/2307/17/23One Mon., 6-9:15PM 07/17 (MT)46.00
7104ATThe 3 R's of Volunteers: Recruitment, Retention and Recognition (Online)08/19/2308/19/23One Sat., 4-6:30PM 08/19 (MT)56.00
7105AVHow to Start a Nonprofit Organization (Online)08/19/2308/19/23One Sat., 9-11:30AM 08/19 (MT)56.00
7106AKBuilding Your Nonprofit for the Future: Strategic Planning That Works (Online)08/19/2308/19/23One Sat., 1-3:30PM 08/19 (MT)56.00
8902PIntuitive Development & Spirit Communication: With Karen Storsteen (Online)06/25/2306/25/23One Sun., 1-4PM 06/25 (MT)61.00
9204QCreate a Website for Fun, Profit, & Business! (Online)07/25/2307/25/23One Tue., 6-9PM 07/25 (MT)61.00
9993ABCFU Gift Certificate12/31/2312/31/23Gift Certificate $25, $50, $75, $100 options25.00

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